The targeted beneficiaries of this organization are children ages 03 to 18 years old that have been diagnosed with genetic diseases, acquired diseases, or deficiencies due to accidents. Beneficiaries also include children affected by any type of cancer. The general objective of this organization is to make a reality the dreams and/or the last request of child involved.

Some of the more specific objectives include:

  1. Promote trips and travel that the child desires to take.
  2. Promote meet and greets with famous individuals.
  3. Promote attendance of shows and/or events that the child desires.
  4. Remodel and promote specific adaptations in the child’s room to accommodate needs/desires.
  5. Promote particular dreams that involves fictitious characters/situations (ex. superheroes, etc)
  6. Provide material goods that the child would like to obtain that is out of the family’s reality.
  7. Promote a “Shopping Day”, if the child so desires.
  8. If the child is interested in the fashion world and desires to have their name on a makeup line or in brand of clothing and accessories, the organization will aid in the process and realization.
  9. Promote a specific fashion show with famous individuals for the children with deficiency.
  10. Promote walks, runs, cycling trips, and other sporting events for the promotion of the Foundation and for fundraising purposes.
  11. Provide assistance for the family’s needs that involves with a loss off    their loved one.

 How to Get Started

1. Fill out our inquiry form to find out if your child is eligible for our program. Expect to hear a response in the next 24-48 hours
2. Once you have been approved you will have to fill out the forms below:

Download All Forms
Forms Packet (all pages)

Download Individual Pages
Application Instructions
Parent Application Form
Physician Information Form
Release and Indemnification Form

3. Submit forms via email to or you may send them through our file uploader. [nm-wp-file-uploader]

4. After all forms have been submitted expect a response from our advisors in the next 24-48 hours. If you do not hear a response on your submission, contact (781)-322-2331